Laboratorio de Vibración y Acústica



Responsable: Rafael González Campos.
Este laboratorio cuenta actualmente con el siguiente equipo:



1.      One NI 9211 4-Ch ±80 mV, 14 S/s, 24-Bit Thermocouple Differential Analog Input Module.


2.      Four J-Type Thermocouples Wires, Fiberglass (32 deg F to 900 deg F) 2 m.


3.      Four Triaxial Ceramic Shear Accelerometers, 5 mV/g.


4.      Two General Purpose Modal Impact Hammers, 10 mV/lb.


5.      One NI 9237 4-Channel 50Ks/s per channel,  24 bit Bridge Analog Input Module.


6.      One NI 9263 4-Channel, 16-Bit, +/-10 V, 100 kS/s per Channel, Analog Output Module.


7.      Two NI 9234, 24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADCs, 51.2 kS/s Max Samp Rate, 4 Input Simultaneous, Software Selectable IEPE and AC/DC Coupling, Anti-Aliasing Filters, 102 dB Dynamic Range.


8.      One cDAQ-9178, Compact DAQ chassis (8 slot USB) and Rugged Carrying Case for Portable Instrumentation with NI 9901 Desktop Mounting Kit.


9.      One NI USB-4432 - 24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADCs, 102.4 kS/s Max Samp Rate, Input Simultaneous, Anti-Aliasing Filters, AC/DC Coupling, IEPE.


10.  Six Coaxial cables: 10-32 plug to BNC plug for shear Accelerometers.